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My name is Kylie. I'm an elusive confidante with a magnetic personality and an easy laugh. All of my physical stats are listed above... and they say a picture is worth a thousand words! So, what's my personality like? I think the easiest way to discover that is via my twitter account, blog or website. There's no vamped up 'luxury' or 'elegant' persona that falls flat in person. I'm a firm believer in keeping it real: what you see and read is what you get. You won't meet another gal quite like me. Whiskey in a teacup. And what's time together going to be like? That's really up to you! I love the natural build-up that takes place over a delicious dinner and a bottle of wine, with excellent company and conversation. Sharing a meal together is such an intimate and sexy experience. There are lots of other options for ways to spend our time together as well. A jazz club, a live sporting event or a concert (I'm a huge hockey fan, which you'll quickly catch on to when reading my twitter and blog), getting a dance or two at a gentleman?s club, enjoying a show, escaping on an intimate weekend getaway, or making it a quiet night in...